Organizational Transformation

The key is to focus and motivate the entire organization towards a metric, accelerated by installing a common language for collaboration – led from the top and cascaded team by team.


Our Approach


In order for an organizational transformation to succeed a combination of leader development and team effectiveness is required, alongside:

  • Cascading from the top, demonstrating alignment of both goals and behaviours. Building momentum and setting the example required for the broader organization;
  • High touch approach at the executive level moving to a more scalable lower touch approach at the broader individual contributor level.
  • Installing the I.D. Technology as a common language and collaboration platform;
  • Determining the relevant organizational wide transformational metric and attach all initiatives to it as a success indicator.


Fast Teams – Accelerated Team Effectiveness

The two key ingredients for almost all teams are: Trustand Alignment. Trust is for teams as oxygen is for people.

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Our Approach


Without trust, teams can’t perform and alignment isn’t possible. Yet, the default behaviour in almost all teams is suspicion, not trust. Building a solid level of trust requires real intention, awareness and a set of guiding principles…a framework or ‘platform’.

  • I.D. reveals each person’s individuality, increases motivation and unlocks latent talent to expose rich diversity and synergy in a team.
  • An open forum discussion increases awareness and leverage the team strengths to mitigate vulnerabilities, structuring the team for success.
  • The I.D. platform facilitates a ‘common language’ enabling a dramatic acceleration in cycle times.

Team members will more readily volunteer resources, ideas, accept feedback and suggestions from others. These are the real conversations that align efforts and optimize success.

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Link-up’s 6 Laws of Collaboration

  1. Achieving strategic priorities, business goals and successful change requires collaboration;
  2. Effective collaboration requires people
  3. Real conversations require a foundation of trust, which build strong relationships;
  4. Trust erodes and relationships break down when values and motives and questioned;
  5. Suspicions, erroneous assumptions, misperceptions and judgement of others’ values and motives are the natural default
    position within a team environment;
  6. The I.D. System uncovers and explains people’s real motivations, quickly building relationships
    based on a solid foundation of trust



Virtually all successful leaders state that the most critical ingredient for effective leadership is heightened self-awareness.

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Our Approach


More than just understanding strengths and weaknesses, advanced self-awareness means knowing with certainty:

  • How to motivate yourself to be at your best;
  • How your natural leadership style impacts on others;
  • How to leverage your strengths in any situation, especially when doing the things you’re not good at or don’t like doing; and
  • How to unlock your latent talent.

Self-awareness at this level delivers a personal confidence and certainty that is powerful and resilient. It becomes your source of competitive advantage.



It is widely acknowledge that 70-80% of change initiatives fail. Unless you take a different approach, why would you expect to see a different result?

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Our Approach


The vast majority of change initiatives fail simply because of an inability to navigate the “human element”. Indeed, most change initiatives don’t even get past the planning stage before problems begin to occur. Helping Change Leaders and their teams understand how others are wired allows them to have the real conversations that are critical to leading change successfully. This leads to better prioritization, alignment and efficient use of resources all within faster cycle times.

What is the I.D. System™?

Watch Paul Burgess the CEO, Link-up International speaks at Wired for Wonder about Instinctive Drives.

The I.D. System is a breakthrough technology – the only system in the world that identifies and measures what instinctively drives individuals and collectively, the instinctive cultures of teams and organizations. It is acknowledged as a cutting edge technology for self-awareness and team development. It’s one thing to understand ‘what’ people do (behaviour); it’s quite another to understand the ‘why’, which is uniquely uncovered by the diagnostics of the I.D. System. Only when you understand ‘why’ (and therefore the “root-cause”), can you confidently invoke a sustainable change in mindset, behaviour and ultimately, outcomes.An individual only needs to spend approximately 20 mins completing a simple, online questionnaire and then almost instantly, receives a personalised, comprehensive report loaded with profound insights and proven, practical strategies to help them better understand what drives and motivates them, what they need to perform at their best, and their natural strengths and vulnerabilities – which, if not managed, will hinder them reaching peak performance.

The online I.D. technology
platform also includes:


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