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Link-up International is a team of professional, dedicated and passionate consultants, all with one goal firmly in mind, to support leaders, and their teams, reach and exceed their business objectives.

Link-up’s consultants offer decades of experience, business acumen and a deep knowledge of I.D. System™ to help organizations build a foundation of trust, awareness and open communication. We get to the core of what is needed for effective and efficient cross-functional collaboration and identify what has the potential to get in the way.

Through leaders’ heightened self-awareness, and our insights and strategies, our clients continually create transformational opportunities for themselves, each other and their business. With Link-up International partnering with them, they attract and fast-track leaders, build effective teams, and transform their businesses into agile organizations, which prepare them to successfully handle any future change.



“I had a chance to go through my report last night and I must admit, YOU DEFINITELY HAVE MY ATTENTION! I was very impressed. When you first explained it, I couldn’t understand how your test was that much different to DiSC or Myers Briggs, and now I know. I don’t think I have ever had such an in-depth or personalized result on any test. I gave it to my general manager to read and she called me last night very, very impressed …I am very impressed at the depth of the profile and how accurate it was.”

Psychology Major and Accredited in DiSC & MBTI
Recruitment Consultant
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