CSAP’s mandate was to re-build and significantly transform the program by shifting from live to 100% virtual delivery while maintaining a global deployment.

Within a three-month timeframe, CSAP needed to:




It was vital that sales associates began making a real business contribution after 4 months. This meant the new model needed to accelerate Associates’ learning through on-the-job training to achieve this – an efficiency improvement of nine months!

This was a real litmus test for Cisco’s value proposition: Can we prove to the world that our collaborative technologies enable organisations to deliver value virtually and globally?



Link-up worked in close partnership with CSAP aligning its consulting practice with Kate’s own “Guiding Principles”. They provided, through the use of Instinctive Drives®, the missing ingredient to glue and align the organization in three phases:

  1. Enable participants to better understand themselves and each other through the I.D. System which created a new found level of awareness individually and collectively – creating a safe environment in which to have the much more honest and venerable real conversations based on a platform of trust.
  2. Through this personal and self awareness we were then able to coach them with personalised strategies that significantly increased their own performance and effectiveness.
  3. Facilitate alignment conversations so that they could confidently and constructively have the conversations about priorities, resourcing and trade-offs. This aloud them to rally as a cohesive team, driven towards the same goals. Rowing the boat all in the one direction!


 “If I had to do this again I would replicate the recipe because I know it works”
Kate Day
Director, Business Development


Measurable results

Link-up measured the change in levels of specific key agreed indicators for effective collaboration. The results below are extracted from two organization-wide surveys carried out at the beginning and end of the engagement over a six-month period.




Business Outcomes

CSAP experienced unprecedented success in their change initiative; They increased capacity by 2.6x while delivering on their targeted cost reduction of 24.5%. On top of that graduates accelerated their induction by 9 months enabling them to contribute sales at a much earlier stage in their careers. It was no surprise that the organisation got credited with three world-class awards! 



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