How long does it typically take to build a high performance team?

Typically 12 - 18 months.

However, our ‘Fast Teams’
methodology ramps teams to
high performance in just 2 days,
with a sustainable momentum
after only 4-6 weeks.

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On a scale of 0 - 10, where do most people say they perform relative to their full potential?


Using insights and strategies
from the I.D. System™ we help
people quickly shift to 8/10 or
above. Personal productivity
frequently doubles!

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What is the “X-Factor” for effective collaboration?

A foundation of trust.

Trust erodes almost instantly
when people feel that their
motives have been questioned.
Using I.D.™ to understand each
other’s underlying motivations
is the key to building and
sustaining trust.

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As a leader, how much time does your team typically spend second-guessing your needs and expectations?

Typically 40%!

Instead, help your people
understand the way you’re
wired and you can eliminate
this constraint, freeing up
potentially 2 days per week –
per person

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Link-up International partners with leaders to install a platform of trust across the organization, enabling the real conversations that allow teams to achieve strategic priorities, exceed goals and accelerate change.





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Our Clients


  • The I.D. process certainly helped us both to uncover aspects of ourselves that we haven’t been seeing and honouring. While in some ways it has been a little ‘challenging’ and surprising, it has been extremely fruitful and we are looking forward to integrating them into our every day, so that we can be at our best.

    Joanna Baker
    Youth Food Movement Australia
  • The I.D. profiles are extremely useful when I’m having development discussions with my team – it is way easier to highlight and make team members conscious of areas that they need to focus on – it is also much easier for me to articulate what I mean, when it is in the context of these I.D. Reports.

    Sara Starr
    Cisco Systems
  • “I had a chance to go through my report last night and I must admit, YOU DEFINITELY HAVE MY ATTENTION! I was very impressed. When you first explained it, I couldn’t understand how your test was that much different to DiSC or Myers Briggs, and now I know. I don’t think I have ever had such an in-depth or personalized result on any test. I gave it to my general manager to read and she called me last night very, very impressed …I am very impressed at the depth of the profile and how accurate it was.”

    Sandy Miller
    Psychology Major and Accredited in DiSC & MBTI
  • “Paul and the team are very committed to their customer’s success, and will go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that it’s not just a tool that they bring to bear, but rather an approach that leverages the tool and its output.

    They really focus on the needs of our organization and I’ve seen sustained follow-up from a number of members on his team with my organization.

    Broadly it’s a very customer-oriented approach, leveraged off the content and the tool but very focused on adapting the approach to meet my needs, which is very positive.”

    Mike Hudon
    previously of Cisco Systems
  • “In my work with psychometric test research in the field of Organizational Behavior, I have not seen anything get so quickly to the core of what makes someone tick.”

    “The most stunning and revolutionary thing to me is that strong validity exists for the system as a whole, not just the profiling tool. It is extremely clever in that it goes beyond any other tool that I’ve seen to truly be an integrated system of diagnostic profile and practical proven strategies with holistic applications (in both the business and personal arenas).”

    Anneke Fitzgerald
    Griffith University
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